High Voltage SID Collection

FMan's HVSC mirrors

Hello! Here are two mirrors for HVSC. One of them is in USA and the other one is in Germany. Their content is identical and both have the newest full archive and a number of the latest updates available. Additionally, the PSID64 archive and STIL Bonus collection from 2007 are here. All of these are in both compressed and unpacked form.

California, USA

Domain: america.z80.guru

IP address:

rsync: america.z80.guru::HVSC

Deutschland, EU

Domain: europe.z80.guru

IP address:

rsync: europe.z80.guru::HVSC

Both servers support access via both HTTP and FTP. It is recommended to use an actual FTP client, such as LeechFTP or CuteFTP, that allows you to easily navigate and download files or entire directories.

Furthermore, both servers are running an rsync daemon, which can also be used to download any of the available files. For batch downloads rsync has the least overhead, but wget/curl over HTTP or FTP is also an option.

Unpacked HVSC archive

In addition, both sites also have the entire collection available in its unarchived form. This may be useful to you, if you are low on memory or disk space, or simply want to download parts of the collection or even specific songs.

With the distribution archives being available at files/HVSC or under pub/HVSC via FTP, the unpacked files can be found at files/C64Music or pub/C64Music, respectively. You are welcome to browse HVSC online!

The same is now possible with the PSID64 archive. It is unpacked at files/PSID or via FTP under pub/PSID. Finally, also the STIL Bonus collection can be browsed online. The unpacked files are at files/STIL Bonus and via FTP under files/STIL Bonus. Enjoy!

Advanced usage

Something something lorem ipsum. Just do 'rsync z80.guru::'.

You can download all tunes by a selected composer like this: rsync -rtv z80.guru::C64Music/MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/ TheBest. Refer to the rsync manual for information about the options used!

The plain z80.guru domain defaults to the German server. An alias for the San Francisco one is c128.z80.guru.

Downloading with wget

Here are examples how to download from the command line. You need to have the wget utility on your system. Hover over each command for more information.

 wget -N http://america.z80.guru/files/HVSC/HVSC_66-all-of-them.zip
 wget -N http://europe.z80.guru/files/HVSC/HVSC_66-all-of-them.zip
 wget -N http://america.z80.guru/files/HVSC/updates/HVSC_Update_66.zip
 wget -N http://europe.z80.guru/files/HVSC/updates/HVSC_Update_66.zip
 wget -N http://america.z80.guru/files/HVSC/HVSC66_PSID64_packed.7z
 wget -N http://europe.z80.guru/files/HVSC/HVSC66_PSID64_packed.7z

Alternatively you can just click the link to download using your browser... More detailed examples are coming!

Using rsync to download

In case you are unfamiliar with it, rsync is a powerful tool that can be used to copy files from a remote host to your local filesystem, ie. effectively to download them. Below are commands to do that. Hover over each command for more information.

 rsync -tvz america.z80.guru::HVSC/HVSC_66-all-of-them.zip .
 rsync -tvz europe.z80.guru::HVSC/HVSC_66-all-of-them.zip .
 rsync -tvz america.z80.guru::HVSC/updates/HVSC_Update_66.zip .
 rsync -tvz europe.z80.guru::HVSC/updates/HVSC_Update_66.zip .
 rsync -tvz america.z80.guru::HVSC/HVSC66_PSID64_packed.7z .
 rsync -tvz europe.z80.guru::HVSC/HVSC66_PSID64_packed.7z .

The above commands will download each file into your current directory, but you may replace the . with any local directory you want to be the download destination. To download all of the files if you want to have your own mirror do rsync -av z80.guru::HVSC /ftp/whatever/myownmirror.

If you do not have rsync on your system, it is very likely available in a repository for your Linux/BSD. There is also a port of it for Windows at https://www.itefix.net/cwrsync/. The official rsync website at https://rsync.samba.org/ has the documentation online.

Final words

Note that this page is not intended to reflect the actual latest release available on these download servers. This is an instruction page rather than a news article. Look in the file directory to find the versions that are actually available!

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